Privacy Policy for Color Extractor

Privacy Policy:

We are highly privacy conscious as we value our customers. The Color Extractor app complies with the terms of your personal privacy. Here’s how,

Information Collection:

The application can gather non-personal information like device type, operating system, and in-app usage statistics for the purpose of analytics.

Image Processing:

With the images you uploaded for color extraction, the process is performed locally on your device. We don’t have the images you’re uploading stored or transmitted to any external servers.

Data Usage:

The data collection is the handiest way to make the app more efficient by resolving user problems and making app performance better and personalized features available. We do not trade, rent or reveal your information with third parties as well.


The app demands permission to use your device’s photo library for color extraction process. Have no doubts, this access is being used for the sole purpose of the app and not for anything else.


We adopt the current industry standards for security to make sure your data is safe from unauthorized access, change or disclosure.


The app Color Extractor will collect and use such information as stated in this Privacy Policy by giving your consent.

Changes to Policy:

We have the right to make changes and edit this Privacy Policy at any time. It may be through the app or another channel that the change will be communicated. Your privacy is a critical factor in our business. In case you have anything that bothers you or you would like to inquire about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at