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Low (20)

Used to characterize attributes, situations, or circumstances with little influence, it denotes a level or degree below average or standard.

Full Low (10)

Indicates the lowest degree of intensity or level; it is usually used to characterize attributes, situations, or states at their most basic or least significant.

Normal( 30)

Describes a setting, quality, or condition at a starting point or average state. It is the standard or normal level.

Small (40)

Refers to a diminutive or compact size or scale; frequently used to characterize relatively little things, dimensions, or amounts.

Medium (60)

Describes an object, dimension, or quantity that falls within the middle range of magnitude. It is an average or moderate size or scale.

Minor (80)

Denotes a level or degree that is just below substantial; it is frequently used to characterize problems, effects, or deviations with a narrow scope.

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